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Beginner's Guide

   How to bet: A beginner's guide
   One can bet either on the Totes or Totalisators or in the Bookmakers' ring. One prerequisite of betting is that you must be 18 years or older.


   Betting on the Totes
  One can go to a manned Tote window, buy a cash voucher from a Tote Service Outlet, or call the roving operator with a hand-held computer. One can either bet at variable Tote odds or          at fixed Tote odds. With the fixed Tote odds, the winning amount is at the odds prevailing at the time one makes the wager are guaranteed and printed on the ticket.


   Win (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Pick a horse to finish 1st.


   Place (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Pick a horse to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd (in races with 8 or more runners). With 7 or fewer runners, your choice must finish 1st or 2nd


  Accumulator Win (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): This is a multi-race bet in which the winnings are subsequently wagered on each succeeding nominated race.


  Accumulator Place (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): As above for place.


  Kenchi: A permutation of the Accumulator Win or Place wager accepted for a chosen group of 3, 4 or 5 races. The good news with Kenchi is that the chances of your getting back                  some money are better than with a straight Accumulator. For the minimum unit of Rs.10/-, a 3-race Kenchi requires you to invest Rs.40/-; a 4-race Kenchi, Rs.110/-; and a 5-race                    Kenchi, Rs.260/-.


  Forecast Pool (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Pick two horses to finish 1st and 2nd.


  Quinella Pool (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Just like the Forecast Pool except you win if your choices finish 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 1st. In other words, so long both your chosen                   horses figure in the first two, the order of finish does not matter.


  Second Horse Pool (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Pick a horse to come 2nd only.


  Tanala Pool (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Pick 3 horses to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the exact order or buy a combination ticket where your first three choices finish in the exact 1-2-3           order to earn the 70% dividend. The consolation 30% dividend is paid on the ticket where the order for the second and third place gets interchanged; in other words, 1-3-2 instead of 1-2-3.


  Jackpot (Minimum bet: Rs.10/- only): Select the winners of the five races designated by the Club for the Jackpot Pool at the declaration stage. You can either buy a single-digit                      ticket (e.g., 1-8-5-2-12) or a combination ticket (e.g., 1/6-7/8-5-2-6/12). If you get the first four winners correct, you share in the consolation dividend of 30%. If you get all 5 legs                       right, you share in the 70% dividend amount.


  Super Jackpot (Minimum bet: Rs.5/- only): RWITC has a Super Jackpot pool with six legs or six races designated for the Super Jackpot Pool at the declaration stage. You can buy                either a combination or a single ticket. If you nominate the winners of the first five legs, you share in the 30% dividend amount. If you get all 6 legs right, you share in the 70%               dividend amount.


   Note: At the Tote window, please have the following information ready for the operator:


   1. The race meeting (i.e., the centre at which the race is about to run in case of main and subsidiary betting)


   2. The race number


   3. The amount of money you want to bet


   4. The type of bet (Win, Place, Each way, Forecast Pool, Quinella Pool, Second Horse Pool, Tanala Pool, Jackpot Pool or Super Jackpot Pool)


   5. Number(s) of the horse(s).


   How To Bet With A Bookmaker


   Win (Minimum bet: Rs.100/- plus taxes): Pick a horse to finish 1st.


   Place (Minimum bet: Rs.100/- plus taxes): Pick a horse to place.